During the past three years Karen Neil has provided the School of Medicine here at the University of Nottingham with sessions on various aspects of health promotion including mindfulness, mental health and self-care.  So far we have been treated to talks on Mindfulness and Nutrition offering insight into our eating and drinking habits and demonstrating  …

Testimonials: Health Promotion

‘such a great course and thank you to [workplace] for providing it. Has given me tools to use to help myself at work and at home and will continue to use them. Karen was full of information and interest and delivered the course very well. Definitely a good course and would recommend it to all. …

Testimonials: Workplace courses

‘a very enjoyable course that fully prepared me to guide small group practices. Positive pacing and linked well to previous 8 week course.’ ‘a satisfying and thought-provoking experience. Support and guidance were both excellent’. ‘thoroughly enjoyable, informative and confidence giving. Thank you.’

Testimonials: Teacher training

“Karen is a woman with great knowledge and wisdom, compassion and grace who definitely ‘walks the talk’ of mindfulness. Under her wing I feel respected, safe, lucky, and confident that I’m being kept up to date with the latest mindfulness trends, literature and research, as well as being gently supported in my own teaching. I …

Testimonials: Supervision

Karen’s MBCT course was fantastic. It has really empowered me and I feel I have grown so much in the 8 weeks. It was a very rich experience and an exciting journey which I will continue. I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you Karen!

Testimonials: One-to-one mindfulness course
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