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Mindful Medicine is run by Dr Karen E. Neil MRPharmS MIHPE, a UK Registered Mindfulness Teacher and Pharmacist. She is co-author of the text book Disease Management by Randall and Neil.

Trained to level 3 MBCT Teacher Development with Dr Patrizia Collard and Helen Stevenson, Karen has been teaching mindfulness in various settings since 2008, and in 2020 won the GHP Award for Most Innovative Health and Wellbeing Education Specialist (Midlands).

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As a Pharmacist, she has specialised in Mental Health and Health Promotion and recently qualified as a Mental Health First Aider with MHFA England.  She is also a trustee of the Institute of Health Promotion and Education (IHPE)

She offers one-to-one and group mindfulness courses, health promotion workshops, mindfulness teacher training, supervision and mentoring, and support for performance anxiety.


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Upcoming courses

Nurturing Parents – Mindfulness-based Parent Wellbeing (online)

An 8-session mindfulness programme, delivered online via Zoom, that has been developed to be relevant and accessible to busy parents. With its emphasis on self nurture, the programme aims to help parents make a transformational shift towards self care.  Led by Karen Neil and Sarah White, and developed by Psychology and Mindfulness Expert Eluned Gold.

Contact Karen for more details.


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8-Week Mindfulness Courses

Karen offers Mindfulness-based Skills for Health (MSfH), an 8 week course she developed from Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy over a period of 10 years. She teaches one to one, private groups, and workplace courses, in person, or on-line via Zoom, having completed training in safeguarding and teaching on-line groups.

Evidence of efficacy of MSfH was collected during 8 years working as an associate tutor in Professional Development at the University of Nottingham and presented in Mindfulness in the Workplace, ed. Margaret Chapman-Clarke (Bramham and Neil, chapter 9). Statistically significant impact was measured in 5 facets of mindfulness. Preliminary data also demonstrated impact on all 15 behaviours competencies used as performance indicators for staff.

Please contact Karen here for further information.

What participants say...

‘Karen’s MBCT course was fantastic. It has really empowered me and I feel I have grown so much in the 8 weeks. It was a very rich experience and an exciting journey which I will continue. I would definitely recommend this course. Thank you Karen!’

‘Karen Neil is an excellent instructor in mindfulness. I really appreciated this short course and I hope it will be offered again on a regular basis for years and decades to come. Thank you.’

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Health Promotion

Karen has been involved in health promotion since qualifying as a Pharmacist in 1994, including roles in community and hospital pharmacy, public health research and undergraduate teaching as a Special Lecturer at the University of Nottingham (Post-doctoral work). She has been increasingly combining pharmacy and mindfulness work in offering ‘optimising wellbeing’ sessions and in her work with the IHPE (Institute of Health Promotion and Education).

Her essay ‘The role of agency within health, and health within agency’  explores how mindfulness can be a valuable tool to help us make healthier lifestyle choices, from a place of awareness, clearer understanding and re-connection with ourselves and the surrounding environment.

Workshops and training days are offered, including:-

  • mindful eating
  • mental health
  • alcohol
  • sleep
  • addictions
  • long-term health conditions
  • conflict management
  • resilience
  • managing use of social media

What participants say...

Attendees commented that ‘the session tutor is inspiring’ and that it ‘really made me think about becoming more aware of my eating habits and how I’m feeling’…  Karen has a ‘nice, laid back presence’ which ‘helps you to feel relaxed’ and she is utterly passionate, exceptionally knowledgeable and totally professional in her delivery. – School of Medicine, University of Nottingham

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Mindfulness Teacher Training (levels 0.5 and 1 equivalent)

This training has been developed, recognising that on some occasions it is helpful to do further training to gain confidence and competence to share short mindfulness practices with others, without following the full mindfulness teacher training pathway. For example, in education or clinical settings within the NHS.

The training is offered in the workplace for those who have completed an 8 week mindfulness course (minimum of 2 hours a week) and have at least 12 months of regular personal practice. Attendance of at least one full mindfulness day and further reading are also recommended and a requirement for certification at level 1.

Please contact Karen here for further information.

What participants say…

‘a very enjoyable course that fully prepared me to guide small group practices. Positive pacing and linked well to previous 8 week course.’

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Supervision  and mentoring

Supervision for mindfulness teachers is offered one to one via Zoom or phone, or for groups in the workplace. Mentoring is available for those who have completed an 8 week course and would like some additional support with their personal practice.

For further information about mindfulness supervision, please contact Karen here.

What participants say...

‘Karen is a woman with great knowledge and wisdom, compassion and grace who definitely ‘walks the talk’ of mindfulness… I can’t imagine a better supervisor.’

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Performance Anxiety

Mindfulness often helps people to reconnect with hobbies and creativity. Performance anxiety previously held Karen back as a musician and public speaker. Since practising mindfulness, she has completed the Advanced Certificate Performance exam on piano with Trinity College London, performed on bass clarinet with the Nottingham Philharmonic Orchestra, and come to enjoy public speaking in a variety of settings, including large groups of teachers, parents, GPs, and staff in higher education.

Other work has included workshops for Undergraduate Music students at the University of Nottingham and she has been a volunteer with the music charity Music for Everyone since 2015, supporting young musicians.

Workshops, taster sessions and one to one work are offered.

MindfulMedicine recent publications

IHPE position statements


Neil K E and Tilford S (2021) IHPE Position Statement: Autism. Lichfield: Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

Watson M C and Neil K E (2019) IHPE Position Statement: Mindfulness. Lichfield: Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

The Mindfulness Initiative


Neil, K E (2021). The role of agency within health, and health within agency. In J. Bristow (Ed.), Responding to Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times – A compilation of essays. The Mindfulness Initiative.

Mindfulness in the workplace

Bramham, J and Neil K (2016). Making mindfulness inclusive to all stakeholders in a university setting. In M. Chapman-Clarke (Ed.), Mindfulness in the Workplace: an evidence-based approach to improving wellbeing and maximising performance. Kogan Page, GB, US.

Interview for article supporting wellbeing of pharmacists



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