Testimonials: Health Promotion

During the past three years Karen Neil has provided the School of Medicine here at the University of Nottingham with sessions on various aspects of health promotion including mindfulness, mental health and self-care.  So far we have been treated to talks on Mindfulness and Nutrition offering insight into our eating and drinking habits and demonstrating  mechanisms for preventing the all too prevalent thoughtless cramming in of food and alcohol when stressed or bored.  Attendees commented that “the session tutor is inspiring” and that it “really made me think about becoming more aware of my eating habits and how I’m feeling”.  The sessions on Managing Mental Health in the Workplace were exceptionally well received tackling issues such as motivation for self-care, World Mental Health Day and the economic contribution of people with mental health issues to the economy.  Attendees commented that this was “a real eye-opener on mental health and coping strategies that can be implemented” and “I will apply some of the techniques in my working life and home life”.  Karen has a “nice, laid back presence” which “helps you to feel relaxed” and she is utterly passionate, exceptionally knowledgeable and totally professional in her delivery.

Sue Lane
Work, Health and Wellbeing
School of Medicine
University of Nottingham