MindfulMedicine recent publications

IHPE position statements


Neil K E and Tilford S (2021) IHPE Position Statement: Autism. Lichfield: Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

Watson M C and Neil K E (2019) IHPE Position Statement: Mindfulness. Lichfield: Institute of Health Promotion and Education.

The Mindfulness Initiative


Neil, K E (2021). The role of agency within health, and health within agency. In J. Bristow (Ed.), Responding to Mindfulness: Developing Agency in Urgent Times – A compilation of essays. The Mindfulness Initiative.

Mindfulness in the workplace

Bramham, J and Neil K (2016). Making mindfulness inclusive to all stakeholders in a university setting. In M. Chapman-Clarke (Ed.), Mindfulness in the Workplace: an evidence-based approach to improving wellbeing and maximising performance. Kogan Page, GB, US.

Interview for article supporting wellbeing of pharmacists


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